Yellow Brick Road – A Tribute to Elton John
presented by Ultra Artists

Yellow Brick Road – A Tribute to Elton John

$35.00 - $40.00
All Ages
Get ready to enjoy all of Elton John's greatest hits as Gerald Brann re-creates the piano man's vocals and playing to the letter!

There is no other performer who looks and sounds so much like Elton John, nor any tribute act that provides the experience of being at an actual Elton John concert, the way Gerald Brann and “Yellow Brick Road” does. Brann not only bears an uncanny resemblance to the international superstar, complete with his mannerisms and gap-toothed smile, but he meticulously re-creates Elton John’s vocals and playing to the letter. To truly capture the essence of the piano man, Brann dresses in custom-tailored replica costumes and Elton’s trademark sunglasses. Get ready to clap and sing along from the very first song!

Venue Information:
The Theater at North
1539 North Main Avenue
Scranton, PA, 18508